Hello there, my name is Ileana Scarlett but you can call me illi <3 Enjoy my blog I usually come here to vent, If you don't like my blog then don't look at it. I live in a beautiful city called Houston. I love music, dance, and taking pictures.<3

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Do not fuck this one up

Can’t sleep

Uhhhh tossing and turning because I’m so angry and feeling guilty . What in the world do you do when a good girl is being cheated on at the moment ? Tell them ? Or mind your own business ? I swear people put me in the most uncomfortable positions ever . Why my people open up to me and tell me shit like idgaf and now I’ll be a bad person for letting this happen as if I supported it -.- hate fucking cheaters



I don’t know what this is but I love it

this show is actually hilarious.

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For any woman this may concern,

If I ever look at you like this..


I’m definitely feeling you and you can get it if you want it

he so fine

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